Learn How to Build An Army of Affiliates 
That Sell Your Product

Virtual Event 

Step 1: Create an affiliate program
Step 2: Get new customers and increase your sales because they will be coming to your business from trusted recommendations
Step 3: Nurture your affiliates and grow your business with their help

Speakers featured in:

Here is what you will learn

You're tired of struggling on your own.

You dream of doing that big launch... but how?

How to attract the right leads?

How to get ENOUGH leads?

How to create buzz?

How to get others to promote you without being sleazy?

Our experts know what it’s like to need that big launch (or you’re facing a future at the car dealership).

But giving up is not an option for an action taker like you.

We know how hard is to find partners to help with your sales (and to figure out what to do after you find them).

Struggle no more! Launch with Partners lays everything out for you into 3 easy to digest modules:

1. Get Great Partners 

Step-by-step information on finding partners, building relationships and growing
a strong brand.
Learn the best strategies to hook the right partners to help
with your launch.

2. Launch Strategy and Tools 

Insider hacks on planning a mind-blowing launch (from legal, creating landing pages and write launch campaign copywriting to managing an affiliate program). Discover the most useful tools which make your work easier and help you sort it all out.

3. Jaw-Dropping Case Studies 

Real life product launch case-studies that leveraged the power of partnerships.
Get access behind the curtains of the most successful launches and learn how to use smart tricks to achieve huge wins.

Are you ready to launch BIG this time?

($10,000 VALUE)

***FIRST BONUS*** - Many more will come during the summit


The top 17 insider strategies to Launch with Partners in 2017, FREE in this Epic Playbook

Learn what’s working today in successful product launches — and how you can replicate the same strategies to have 6-figure launches. 

These are the experts you’ll be learning from in this
10 Day launch crash course:

We’ve hand-picked our faculty and all delivered beyond our wildest expectations.

Combined you will have over 20 hours of high quality expertise, worth well over $10,000.

Tor Refsland

Danny Iny

Neil Patel

Rich German

Stephen Esketzis

Lisa Fraley

Olivia Angelescu

Shane Melaugh

Marie Grace Berg

Gael Breton

Zvi Band

Navid Moazzez

Tom Morkes

Matt McWilliams

Andy Hussong

Lorand Soares Szasz

Jack Born

Valentin Radu

Calvin Correli

Liam Austin

Lain Ehman

Belinda Weaver

Andrew McDermott

Prerna Malik

Bushra Azhar

Ciprian Soleriu

Jon Schumacher

Alex Pirouz

Tom Matzen

Lane Campbell


($10,000 VALUE)

This changes the game. For good.

There are a lot of programs, courses, books, and gurus that claim they’ll teach you how to launch your product (some of them cost $1,000’s!).
But often they’re full of outdated, disconnected, untested, or just plain ineffective information and ideas.

You take the course, read the book, follow the guru… but then end up right back where you were before, wondering if you should just chuck it all and get a job selling cars or used computer equipment.

Launch with Partners is different.

This is not just another virtual summit with a lot of interviews and many unrelated topics that you should somehow put together and use.

This is a 10-day crash course on launching your product online, even if your email list is tiny (or non-existent).


Our 29 world-class expert speakers will teach you cutting edge strategies they use in their own businesses to create MILLIONS of dollars in revenue.

After spending 10 days with our experts, you will know exactly what to do for your next launch. Be prepared to blow everyone’s mind (even your own!).

We designed this event to give you a step-by-step framework for finding and leveraging partnerships, growing your authority in your niche, and launching like never before.


Our focus was not cramming hundreds of experts hoping that something good will come out but rather hand-picking the best speakers in the world and asking them the most laser focused questions to get to the core of every topic.

Because we know that the value is hidden beneath the surface so we dug deep to get the most useful info from each of our speakers.

Most of these experts would charge you at least $250 for 30 minutes of their time, we’ve gathered their best information (worth $10K at least!)- for free.

Think of them as your new partners for your next launch.

They’re ready to support YOU with their knowledge, experience, and advice.

Are you IN?

($10,000 VALUE)

The Daily Schedule

Module I. Get Great Partners

Getting Known and Building Relationships

Day 1                                                                             

How to Find Your Helpful Partners and Convince Them to Work with You

Tor has been featured in Inc., LifeHack, Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Huffington Post, SumoMe and another 152 blogs in 14 months, and now he’s sharing his secrets with you. We go into all the details of how to build and maintain partnerships, and what you can ask an influencer for, after providing value. Starting from scratch? No problem, we got you covered.

Tor Refsland

Step-by-step framework to build your 5-figure audience using reliable partnerships

Danny Iny started his business with a handful of potential partners. Now he serves a community of 50,000 people, and has 27 employees and a business that brings in multiple millions in annual revenue. It might sound impossible, but Danny is the perfect example that it is all possible if your actions are aligned with your beliefs -- and he’ll break down his strategy for you.

Danny Iny

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Network - The 3-Step Approach That Never Fails

Almost all business owners have a LinkedIn profile, but are you using it to its full potential? Are you connecting to targeted people and growing your business with it? Join Alex and Ciprian and learn how to research, connect and profit from your LinkedIn professional network.

Alex Pirouz

Becoming a Brand and Differentiating from your competition

 Day 2                                                                       

Use This Strategy to Become an Online Marketing Superstar

Talking about a powerful personal brand in the online marketing world, and Neil Patel will surely top the list. We go into the nitty gritty of how Neil built his brand, how he writes his amazing articles, how he got his book deal worth $500,000 upfront, but more importantly, how you can follow in his steps.

Neil Patel

Let Me Show You the Secrets to Stand Out, Reach Out, and Become a Brand

Rich has a list of more than 90,000 people and one of the world’s largest community of JV-minded entrepreneurs. We dig deep into the specifics of what 95% of people who succeed online do, including what’s the best attitude to have when pursuing joint venture partnerships, how to get people to promote you, and the best practices for live events. Also, he’ll share the ONE question you should ALWAYS ask your new partners.

Rich German

Blue Ocean Strategy Walkthrough - Learn How Marie Forleo Strategically Designs Her Events to Stand Out, Then Follow Her Lead..

Olivia is a student of Ramit Sethi and Marie Forleo with 20+ years of experience in the corporate world. She’ll walk you through the Blue Ocean Strategy that Marie Forleo used to become the huge brand that she is right now. It was not an accident, it was on purpose - and you can do it, too!

Olivia Angelescu

Module II. Launch Strategy and Tools

Your Success Must-Haves

 Day 3                                                                        

Best Selling Funnels You Need Today to Harness the Power of Your Launch

Everybody talks about building sales funnels for your online business, but there’s a small trick that not everybody uses. This one trick can mean the difference between a 5-figure launch and a 6-figure launch. (Hint: It’s something that needs to be done BEFORE people enter your funnel…)

Stephen Esketzis

Low tech/ High Sales Landing Pages and Funnels

In this in-depth training, Thrive Themes founder Shane Melaugh teaches you his #1 principle to launching a successful program or product. He’ll also show you how to build an amazing landing page in a few minutes. Plus, you’ll see WHY sometimes ugly landing pages convert, although yours will not be ugly. Promise!

Shane Melaugh

Managing affiliates

Day 4                                                                                  

The top-down partnership strategy that helped her leverage over 55 influencers’ lists and create a successful event

Marie was strategic in her approach of the 58 guests on her recent summit. She started with a simple strategy that is the “golden egg” of networking and persuasion. Find out what she did and how you can replicate this in your own business in this value packed session.

Marie Grace Berg

Top of Mind Means Top Business

When was the last time you had to contact a potential business partner but it slipped your mind or got buried on your to-do list? It happens to everyone -- . unless you have a system to manage hundreds of contacts in under 10 minutes a day. Zvi will show you how Contactually can help you save time, grow your business, and make more money. Amazing stuff!

Zvi Band

The Secrets of Effective Email Marketing and Finding Partners for Your Launch

Authority can be hacked. Sales can be increased. Partners will be happy.
Gael Breton shares the best ways to find partners to promote products that actually sell online, so you will make great profits from your list. He’ll let you in on his secrets of effective email marketing, finding partners and content creation.

Gael Breton

Affiliates Best Practices from the world's best affiliate managers

 Day 5                                                                       

How to Plan Your Affiliate Launch to Bring You 6-Figure Sales

Get all you need to know about 5- and 6-figure launches. Tom is responsible for multiple bestselling book launches, and he’s sharing the best way to approach a launch, how to build your list, how to find the best affiliates, what steps you should take and what tools you should use.

Tom Morkes

What Everybody Need to Know About Planning and Managing a Successful Affiliate Launch Campaign

Affiliate strategist Matt McWilliams shares step-by-step everything you need to leverage the power of affiliates to skyrocket your launch sales. He walks you through ideas for places where you find reliable affiliates and surprising insights about building a long-lasting relationship with them so they’ll promote you again and again!

Matt McWilliams

The “Let’s Brainstorm” approach that generates trusted partners and affiliates (no, they are not quite the same thing)

He is a master in JV partnerships and he doesn’t hold anything back. Andy Hussong shares how you can find, approach and communicate efficiently with potential partners even if you’re just starting out and want to promote your product or service. He managed multimillion dollar launches and he can talk for hours about the lessons he had learned. We had to stop after a while, but you will want to see more...

Andy Hussong

Maximizing sales

Day 6                                                                        

Maximize Your Profit in "the Perfect Persuasion Window" by Injecting Scarcity into Your Launch

Jack Born, the founder of Deadline Funnel, takes deadlines seriously and knows how to make a huge profit from them! He’ll share how to take advantage of the PERFECT time to persuade. You’ll also learn the 3 must-do steps for building scarcity...To sell more, of course.

Jack Born

Don’t rely in your gut feeling. Test your approach and be flexible.

Like a salesman, your sales page should adapt the sales pitch it presents your visitors to the special needs of the visitors. Learn how to test and personalise the experience of your visitor. Result: increased conversion, increased sales. Copy Samsung, Avon and Forbes, they already do this.

Valentin Radu

Simplero, the tool that replaces Infusionsoft, Vimeo, Samcart, Wishlist Member.

New York based entrepreneur and founder of Simplero Calvin Correli lets you in on his passion project so you can simplify the way you do business online. You’ll see how you can enjoy all the benefits of a CRM, autoresponder, Learning Management System and many of the other tools that are driving you nuts, but in a simple all-in-one solution that saves you time, stress, and money.

Calvin Correli

Successful Launch Campaign Copywriting

Day 7                                                                     

Unconventional Content Ideas to Be Authentic and Irresistible.

Lain Ehmann goes into the details of copywriting that sells, authentically. From the launching communication, to storytelling and the biggest mistakes one can make in a launch, we’ll cover it all. You also get access to the best tips on how to work with a copywriter to produce the best content for your launch.

Lain Ehmann

The Unbelievable Launch Copywriting Journey

Belinda takes us on a journey from the prelaunch phase to the launch funnel and sales pages structure, all the while grabbing attention and becoming memorable. She walks the talk. (I asked for specific numbers and she gave them all to me, so don’t miss out.)

Belinda Weaver

7 Fascinating Triggers That Help You Hook Your Audience

Bestselling author and co-founder of HooktoWin.com Andrew McDermott will give you an unconventional angle of how to write launch copy that converts and persuades people to buy your products and services. He reveals the strongest triggers to be used in your persuasive copywriting and convince your audience with every word you say.

Andrew McDermott

Treat Your Copywriting Like a Gourmet Bistro - and Sell Those TOPPINGS

In this delicious session, Prerna Malik shares her step-by-step process for writing super compelling copy that connects you with your readers and gets them to buy from you. Learn how to use TOPPINGS for your landing page.

Prerna Malik

Module III. Jaw-Dropping Case Studies

HUGE WINS using smart tricks

Day 8                                                                     

Over $200,000 with One Launch… and Counting - Crucial Steps on How Navid Did This

Navid Moazzez sold $200,000 in one launch, with a list of just 5,000 people and the help of his 100 partners. You’ll learn everything he did to get these results, plus how he got so many partners, how he managed the relationships and how he got them to promote his launch. The funnel is all laid out for you, just listen and apply.

Navid Moazzez

The secrets of the Most Active Online Summit Creators REVEALED

At his Instagram Success Summit Liam Austin had 21,000 participants, 400 new customers and more than 100 partners who helped him promote the event. Liam will walk you through finding, connecting, promoting and promoting with partners. Tons of actionable info!

Liam Austin

Find the Right Partner and Your Sales Explode, Even If You Don’t Have a Brand Right Now

Listen in as Lorand gives a specific breakdown of a $60,000 launch selling a little-known partner’s product. He’ll share his secrets of being a great partner and the sales funnel he used to catapult a brand new partner’s sales (and make some good money doing it!).

Lorand Soares Szasz

Launching with Webinars

Day 9                                                                   

Sold Out Launch Brought her $640,000 - and She Changed the Rules of the Game...

Almost ⅔ of a million dollars in a single launch! Bushra will tell you how she did it, from beginning to the end, including all of the dates, strategies and tactics. Bushra is the owner of Persuasion Revolution, and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Business Insider. She’s also a very entertaining speaker that will set fireworks off in your brain!.

Bushra Azhar

Case Study: The Ultimate Blueprint to Launch Your First Virtual Summit (this applies to every launch...)

Launching your first summit isn’t a breeze; it’s a lot of work! But like any good launch, it’s worth the effort when done correctly. Jon Schumacher brought in $25,000+ from his first summit launch and he’s sharing you all the numbers and all the mistakes he made, so you won’t have to figure out on your own.

Jon Schumacher

Special Appearance

 Day 10                                                                  

Be Legally Prepared When Working With Affiliates

Getting affiliate partners is the fun part. Launching is even MORE fun. But to avoid things going wrong, you MUST have legal documents to protect your bottom line and your relationships. Join Lisa’s legal session and learn what you need to do to have a worry-free relationship with your affiliate partners, customers and clients.

Lisa Fraley

Do Good And Make Money with Strategic Philanthropy and Profitability

Doing good and making money aren’t mutually exclusive. You can be altruistic AND profit at the same time. In fact Tom will share his PROFIT formula in this session that you don’t want to miss. (Note: It’s not quite what you think!)

Tom Matzen

The Unreasonable Sales Method he Used to Bootstrap and Exit 5 Companies

Good sales is about the sales PROCESS, not the sales PERSON. Learn the sales process that Lane uses to help his technology clients grow tenfold quickly. You will become positively unreasonable, and this will show up in your balance sheet.

Lane Campbell

($10,000 VALUE)

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Most of our speakers have exclusive bonuses to help you with your launch. Also, you get access to private discounts for magic tools.


Get your free pass now and I will send you the top 17 strategies for you to use and skyrocket your launches.

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Get access to 29 expert sessions on finding great partners, creating your winning strategy and positioning yourself for launch success

($10,000 VALUE)

Meet Your Launch with Partners Crash Course Host:

Ciprian Soleriu

Hey there,
I’m Ciprian (pronounced Chipreean) and I help advertisers create evergreen funnels for a constant stream of leads and clients using Facebook Advertising

I’ve created the biggest persuasion marketing blog in Romania (Conversion Academy) with over 20k subscribers and I’ve made over $200k selling online courses during the last year alone while also getting featured in Romania’s largest media outlets: Ziarul Financiar, Adevarul, Look TV, DIGI24 (series of interviews).

I was featured in the Webinar Mastery Summit, List Building School and I’m also one of the the go-to resources for Facebook Advertising training for beginner and intermediate advertisers.

My mission with The Launch with Partners Crash Course is to help you to internalize the "team-player mindset".

The unbelievable strategies our speakers will reveal are the exact steps you need to take to start selling like crazy with highly profitable launches.

I can't wait to meet you!

($10,000 VALUE)

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