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Module I. How To Find, Approach and Get 
Great Partners to Support Your Launch

Getting Known and Building Relationships

How to Find Your Helpful Partners and Convince Them to Work with You

Tor has been featured in Inc., LifeHack, Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Huffington Post, SumoMe and another 152 blogs in 14 months, and now he’s sharing his secrets with you We go into all the details of how to build and maintain partnerships, and what you can ask an influencer for, after providing value. Starting from scratch? No problem, we got you covered.

Tor Refsland

Step-by-step framework to build your 5-figure audience using reliable partnerships

Danny Iny started his business with a handful of potential partners. Now he serves a community of 50,000 people, and has 27 employees and a business that brings in multiple millions in annual revenue. It might sound impossible, but Danny is the perfect example that it is all possible if your actions are aligned with your beliefs -- and he’ll break down his strategy for you.

Danny Iny

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Network - The 3-Step Approach That Never Fails

Almost all business owners have a LinkedIn profile, but are you using it to its full potential? Are you connecting to targeted people and growing your business with it? Join Alex and Ciprian and learn how to research, connect and profit from your LinkedIn professional network.

Alex Pirouz

Becoming a Brand and Differentiating from your competition

Use This Strategy to Become an Online Marketing Superstar

Talking about a powerful personal brand in the online marketing world, and Neil Patel will surely top the list. We go into the nitty gritty of how Neil built his brand, how he writes his amazing articles, how he got his book deal worth $500,000 upfront, but more importantly, how you can follow in his steps.

Neil Patel

Let Me Show You the Secrets to Stand Out, Reach Out, and Become a Brand

Rich has a list of more than 90,000 people and one of the world’s largest community of JV-minded entrepreneurs. We dig deep into the specifics of what 95% of people who succeed online do, including what’s the best attitude to have when pursuing joint venture partnerships, how to get people to promote you, and the best practices for live events. Also, he’ll share the ONE question you should ALWAYS ask your new partners.

Rich German

Blue Ocean Strategy Walkthrough - Learn How Marie Forleo Strategically Designs Her Events to Stand Out,Then Follow Her Lead..

Olivia is a student of Ramit Sethi and Marie Forleo with 20+ years of experience in the corporate world. She’ll walk you through the Blue Ocean Strategy that Marie Forleo used to become the huge brand that she is right now. It was not an accident, it was on purpose - and you can do it, too!

Olivia Angelescu

Launch with Partners is a Launch Crash Course:
Learn EVERYTHING You Need for a Successful Product Launch
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You’re about to get the roadmap to your next breakthrough launch, using the power of partnerships.

Our world-class speakers have done what you want to do -- blow your launch away! And now they’re going to share their hard-won wisdom with you.

After talking with these experts I decided to expand more, to reach for new partnerships and I had the guts to do it because I had a plan.

You will have it too.

Any one of our experts can charge $100s or even $1,000s for a consulting session. And some actually do!

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And Then There’s the Bonuses!

Having the right tools can make taking action so much easier. I’ve reached out to select service providers and negotiated great deals on some of my favorite tools, just for you! Use them to jump start your launches.

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Meet Your Launch with Partners Crash Course Host:

Ciprian Soleriu

Hey there,

I teach small businesses to sell more, faster, using smart buyer persuasion tactics and technology.

I’ve created the biggest persuasion marketing blog in Romania (Conversion Academy) with over 20k subscribers and I’ve made over $200k selling online courses during the last year alone while also getting featured in Romania’s largest media outlets: Ziarul Financiar, Adevarul, Look TV, DIGI24 (series of interviews).

I was an expert speaker in Webinar Mastery Summit and the go-to resource for webinar training, having over 15,000 people participating in my latest webinars.

I have also interviewed over 60 experts for my romanian website and english website driving tons of traffic and leads to my interviewees.

I've reached these results because I realized that being a team-player can skyrocket your entire business.

My mission with The Launch with Partners Crash Course is to help you to internalize the "team-player mindset".

The unbelievable hacks our speakers will reveal are the exact steps you need to take to start selling like crazy with highly profitable launches.

I can't wait to meet you!